LED Downlight


Downlight is generally used in shopping malls, hotels,offices, factories, hospitals and other indoor lighting, the installation is simple and convenient for people to love.

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Production process

We take every step seriously
Step 1
Private mold
Material with SKD61 die steel high hardness and longer life
Step 2
AD102 Al Alloy
Material with AD102, higher price but stronger
Step 3
Al slag filter technology ensures the surface is pore-free and impurities
Step 4
CNC Process
5 years’ experience of operators practice with strict procedures
Step 5
Skilled workers with purely manual operation
Step 6
Sand Rolling
Repair the defective surface and have better adhesion
Step 7
Anti-UV power, 100% pass cross-cut test
Step 9
100% end-to-end inspection(before assembly and packing)
Step 10
Aging Test
100% aging test for 4-24 hours

Shipping Policies

Due to the COVID-19, freight rates have soared this year and transit times are much longeripping.
Sample shipping
You can choose a worldwide express, such as DHL,UPS,FedEx.
Small batch shipping
Air freight or container consolidation.
Bulk shipping
You can use containers by sea.Container sizes available 20GP,40GP,40HQ.

Numbers we are proud of

Good quality control means that our products are ahead of their peers in terms of quality.

10 Years


72 hours

Sat spray test


Delivery accuracy


Product consistency


Customer satisfaction
Can you customise the logo of a downlight?
The printing of the logo on the body of the downlight requires re-moulding, which takes a long time and adds to the cost. Most customers choose to have the logo printed on the colourful outer box.

What special downlights are available?
We have IP65 downlights for bathrooms, as well as fireproof downlights.

Can the intensity of the downlights be regulate?
In most cases, downlights are supplied with drivers that are not dimmable.In order for the downlight to be dimmable, the supply can be replaced with a dimmable driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

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