LED Flood Light

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Applications of flood lights
Why choose us
Hot Products
The Process Flow

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    Applications of flood lights

    Flood lights are widely used in factories, construction sites, ports,parks and facade lighting.

    Features that we are super proud of

    Good quality control means that our products are ahead of their peers in terms of quality.
    Extensive experience
    20 years experience in  lights manufacturing
    Production Capacity
    Capable of producing 300,000 flood lights per month.
    Quality Control
    We manage our production on the basis of 5S and have passed ISO 9001 certification.
    Fast delivery
    Our stable supply chain and large stock of materials ensure fast delivery

    Hot Products

    The Process Flow

    Step 1
    The samples will be produced by your requirements.
    Step 2
    Contract and payment
    Once the destails of the proform invoice be confirmed by both of us, you need arrange the depsoit and provide the bank slip to us.
    Step 3
    Bulk producing
    The bulk manufacture will be start according to the confirmed sample. It's total will need around 30-45days.
    Step 4
    Booking  & Shipping
    We would like to book the shipment  before the product is finish 7 days and it will take 7-10 days to load the product once it is finised.

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