LED Panel Light

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Why us


Panel light is good for various commercial and public places applications,such as offices,subway stations, hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets ...


Edge-lit LED Panel Light
Light source on both sides
With Light guide plate,Low luminous efficiency
Easy to yellow
8-12 mm thick
High prices,Low transport costs
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Backlit LED Panel Light
Light source on the back
No Light guide plate,High luminous efficiency
Never yellowed
18-30 mm thick
Low prices,High transport costs
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Production process

Step 1
Raw Material Sourcing
Step 2
Back cover processing
Step 3
Aluminium frame processing
Step 4
Step 5
Finished product light-up test
Step 6
Aging Test

Shipping Policies

Due to the COVID-19, freight rates have soared this year and transit times are much longeripping.
Sample shipping
You can choose a worldwide express, such as DHL,UPS,FedEx.
Small batch shipping
Air freight or container consolidation.
Bulk shipping
You can use containers by sea.Container sizes available 20GP,40GP,40HQ.

Features that we are super proud of

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Extensive experience
20 years experience in  lights manufacturing
Production Capacity
Capable of producing 300,000 panel lights per month.
Quality Control
We manage our production on the basis of 5S and have passed ISO 9001 certification.
Fast delivery
Our stable supply chain and large stock of materials ensure fast delivery
There are several classifications of panel lights?
LED panel lights are classified into two types according to the light-emitting type: back-lit panel and edge-lit panel.Available according to size: 30*60cm,60*60cm,60*1200cm,30*1200cm ...
Why do side-lit panel lights tend to yellow?
Manufacturers often use PS (polystyrene) materials to make Light Guide Plate(LGP).If PMMA is used, it will not yellow, but it costs more.
Why backlit panel lights are becoming increasingly popular?
Lower cost, higher luminous efficacy and never yellowing as the backlit  panel lights has no LGP .Also, backlitpanel lights can be produced with automated assembly.
What to look for in shipping?
The panel light needs to be transported upright and cannot be placed horizontally or it will be damaged. Small quantities should be transported on a wooden frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

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